Cuban President Díaz-Canel: Revolutionaries to the Streets!

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel calls on revolutionary Cubans to take to the streets to counter the counterrevolutionary actions taking place there, and explains the full context of current events in Cuba, including the effects of the escalating COVID-19 pandemic on supplies of medicine and electricity which are affecting ordinary Cubans.

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Nicolás Maduro on Venezuela’s new Anti-Blockade Law

At the end of September, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro spoke to the National Constituent Assembly and proposed a new Anti-Blockade law, designed to combat the effects of the brutal and cruel U.S. economic war on Venezuela. In this speech he explains then proposed changes and the motivation behind them.

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Venezuela’s anti-blockade law and the Dec. 6 elections

On Sunday, Dec. 6, the Venezuelan people will vote to elect the new deputies of the National Assembly. This election is enormously important for the Bolivarian Revolution. The progressive forces are mobilizing nationwide to win back the assembly from right-wing politicians who won the majority in December 2015. Read about the new “anti-blockade” law designed to combat U.S. economic warfare here.

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