From Havana: Gerardo Hernández

From his office at the Higher Education Institute of Foreign Affairs in Havana where he serves as Vice-Rector, Gerardo Hernandez gives an extended (26-minute) interview (in English) with TeleSUR TV, covering the past, the present, and the future of himself and of Cuba.

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Will The Thaw In US-Cuban Relations Chill Cuba’s Revolutionary Zeal?

“Most of the Cuban population was born and has lived under the blockade and we want it lifted. We want to be allowed to prove that socialism in Cuba is a viable option and the answer to our future. We have fought for that right for 57 years, and view a thaw in the conflict with the U.S. as a triumph of our resistance and determination.” — René González, interviewed by MintPress News

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Alan Gross’s Improbable Tales on 60 Minutes

Was Alan Gross tortured or even mistreated in Cuban prisons? What is the real reason Gross was in Cuba in the first place, and why was he arrested and convicted? Setting the record straight after Alan Gross’ appearance on 60 Minutes.

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