Donate a cane for the visually-impaired in Cuba!

(to be delivered in late June)

During visits to Cuba last December and January, we had an enlightening exchange with the National Association of the Blind, ANCI, based in Havana. In addition to learning about their services and advocacy by and for the visually-impaired Cubans, we learned how harmful the U.S. blockade is for the community, preventing Cuba from accessing adaptive technology like new computer programs that would allow the visually-impaired to access the Internet and attain a fuller range of educational systems. We have pledged to help overcome those obstacles placed by the U.S. blockade on the adaptive technology, and to educate the people of the United States about this genocidal policy.

Thanks to contributions from supporters like you, we were able to bring 35 canes and 15 talking clocks. As ANCI’s president, Jorge Luís Cala Ledesma told us, “The canes are of high quality and will be of vital use.”

Our upcoming delegation to Cuba at the end of this June (2019) hopes to donate as many or even more canes to ANCI on this visit. Please donate to help this important work; all donations made at this time will be used to purchase canes for the visually-impaired in Cuba. We are asking for $25, but of course welcome donations of any amount.

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