Washington Post Opinion: Next pandemic, let Cuba vaccinate the world

Cuba exported almost as many COVID vaccine doses as it used at home, supplying Venezuela, Mexico, Vietnam, Syria, Nicaragua, Belarus and Iran. But while many countries in Africa and South Asia also desperately needed vaccines, they did not take advantage of Cuba’s offer. The reason — the U.S. blockade, and particularly the bogus designation of Cuba as a “State Sponsor of Terrorism”. The Blockade is not just hurting Cuba. It’s hurting the world.

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The World Stands with Cuba!

As the United Nations prepares to vote for the 30th consecutive time to condemn the unjust, illegal, and immoral U.S. Blockade of Cuba, actions are scheduled around the country to say “The World Stands with Cuba!”

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Supermajority of Cubans vote for revolutionary ‘Families Code’

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The Cuban people voted by supermajority on Sept. 25 to approve the Families Code, a
revolutionary law that modernizes, recognizes and legalizes all manifestations of families in
Cuba. “In the real Cuba, Cubans are moving steadily into the future, and we are close to achieving a Code of Families that will be among the most advanced, that exalts human dignity as a supreme value and that will bring us closer to [national hero Jose] Martí’s dream of a Cuba ‘with all and for the good of all.’” — Gerardo Hernández, National Coordinator of the Committees in Defense of the Revolution.

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Hatuey Project Delivers Emergency Medical Supplies to Cuba

Supplies being delivered to Cuba

In late August, activists with the Hatuey Project arrived in Cuba with $20,000 worth of medical supplies designated for victims of the tragic fire at the Matanzas oil storage facility. Two of them, Gloria LaRiva and Dr. Leni Villagómez Reeves, held a press conference for Cuban journalists before delivering the supplies.

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Urgent appeal to help victims of the massive fire in Cuba

Supplies are urgently needed to save the lives of the burn victims resulting from the recent disastrous fire in Matanzas, Cuba. The Hatuey Project is working to provide some of the most critical supplies for burn patients: special ointments and gauzes, specialized intravenous solution, syringes/needles, antibiotics, surgical gloves and much more. You can help by donating money to finance these supplies.

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Havana Syndrome claims exposed…by the CIA!

A new CIA report admits what the Cuban government and Cuban scientists have said since “Havana Syndrome” was first reported — U.S. government claims that its diplomats and spies in Cuba and other countries had been “attacked” by mysterious (and non-existent) sonic or microwave weapons were “never backed up by any evidence.”

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