Convocation of Tuitazo: “United for Peace: a call from the networks”

The Cuban Movement for Peace and the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and The Cuban Movement for Peace are calling on all defenders of peace to join in an international Twitter Storm — Tuitazo in spanish — to spread the word far and wide that Venezuela does not stand alone! Tomorrow, Thursday, March 15, starting 10:00 AM EDT, use the hashtags #TodosSomosVenezuela and #ALCZonaDePaz

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Caracas International Solidarity Meeting Declares “Venezuela Is Not Alone, We Are All with Her!”

More than 800 activists from 95 countries met in Caracas to declare: “We are convinced that Venezuela will be able to – through dialogue, respect for the Constitution, and the indefatigable democratic will of his people – overcome the problems that besets it, and that the Bolivarian revolution will remain a beacon of hope for the peoples of the world who search for a worthy and just destination for humanity.”

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