Documentary of the Committee of Victims of Violent Protests (Guarimba)

Watch this short documentary about the violent protests of 2014, led by the right-wing after Venezuela’s municipal elections, which caused the deaths of 43 people and injured hundreds. These attacks, called “guarimbas”, tried to overthrow the democratically-elected government of President Nicólas Maduro. A guarimba consists of blocking public roads with barricades made of barbed wire, tires, mattresses, and hanging galvanized

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The Recall Vote is the latest tactic in the U.S.’s Dirty War on Venezuela

In their latest attempt to topple the democratically elected government of Venezuela, right-wing forces are mobilizing to revoke President Nicholas Maduro’s presidential mandate. Rallying behind far right politicians and sworn enemies of the Bolivarian government, Henrique Capriles and Freddy Guevara, opposition organizers are attempting to gather tens of thousands of signatures to recall Maduro and undo 17 years of revolution.

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The life and death of Hugo Chávez in perspective

Gloria La Riva pays tribute to Hugo Chávez shortly after his death. “Upon his death, comrade Chavez has entered history not only as revolutionary life well led but as a source of confidence for all those who have been shaped by the movement he inspired.”

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