Alianza Martiana: The Blockade Is To Blame For The Cuban People’s Misfortunes

Miami — As we have done for decades, today we denounce with great indignation the disturbances that occurred in different parts of Cuba, that are the goal of the enemies of the Cuban people who are the supporters of the genocidal policy of Blockade. Blockade that prevents the economic development of our country and in these dark times of pandemic, Cuba, beset by the lack of financial resources, creates this situation by the lack of food, medicines, raw materials and other essential factors for life and peace in the Island.

We support the measures taken by the revolutionary government of Cuba to confront counterrevolutionary groups that — directed and financed from abroad — foment violence, destabilization, confusion, despair and lies, as they have always done for more than 60 years against the Cuban revolution.

243 measures that aggravate the Blockade and the criminal and ridiculous inclusion of Cuba in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism carried out by the Trump Administration remain in place under the current Biden Administration. Very serious is the shamelessness of the current Administration.

Venezuela, in its determination to maintain the achievements of its revolutionary process, has also been a victim of this imperial policy.

We second all those people and organizations in this country and around the world that support the unconditional lifting of the Blockade and the rest of the war policy, using all weapons including terrorism, which is maintained by the United States Governments against the Cuban people.

This is what we maintain and repeat, as we have done for decades the Cuban and Latin American emigration organizations that are part of the Alianza Martiana Coalition in Miami: the Antonio Maceo Brigade; the Alianza Martiana – as an individual organization; the José Martí Cultural Association; the Bolivarian Circle of Miami, Negra Hipólita; the Women’s Association; and Radio Miami.