Trump’s anti-Cuban policy encourages terrorism

By Andrés Gómez for the Martí Alliance
May 6, 2020

Too many days have passed since the terrorist attack against the Cuban embassy building in Washington, which occurred in the early hours of April 30, and the United States government still has had no official contact about this hateful act with Cuban authorities in both Washington and Havana.

Beyond the terrorist act itself, this unusual proceeding from the State Department and the White House has no other reading than, to make matters worse, exacerbate the perversity of its policy against the Cuban people, a decision that unfortunately encourages others to continue perpetrating terrorist acts in this country. This is especially true in Miami, den of the terrorists of the Cuban and Cuban-American extreme rightwing, who continue to live in this city under the protection of the American authorities without being prosecuted for their despicable crimes.

The organizations of the Cuban and Latin American emigration that in Miami integrate the Alianza Martiana (Martí Alliance): the Antonio Maceo Brigade; the Martí Alliance – as an individual organization; the José Martí Cultural Association; the Bolivarian Circle of Miami, Negra Hipólita; the Women’s Association; and Radio Miami, call on the State Department and the White House to condemn this terrorist act and officially communicate with the Cuban authorities in Havana and Washington to inform them about the course of the investigation of the case and to comply with the requirements of the established diplomatic protocols.

According to the indicting document of the D.C. Federal District Court (Washington DC) related to the terrorist act committed against the Embassy of Cuba in that capital by Alexander Alazo, provided to the press by Tracey Eton, on his website, Cuba Money Project, on the same morning of April 30, Alazo was interrogated twice at a station of the Metropolitan Police Department of the federal capital. The first time was by agents of the Secret Service Protective Intelligence and by detectives from the Metropolitan Police Department. The second was by a Special Agent from the State Department as well as another Agent from the U.S. Department of State Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The State Department and the White House have been more than well informed about this investigation, of which the Prosecutor in charge maintains that the evidence obtained in these interrogations is “overwhelming and irrefutable.”

Finally, to corroborate the ideological link between the terrorist sectors of the Cuban and Cuban-American extreme rightwing and the policies of the Trump Administration: The terrorist Alexander Alazo, born in Cuba, minutes after having fired at least 32 high-caliber bullets against the Embassy building and the statue of José Martí in front, the police seized a Cuban flag on which this individual had written “TRUMP 2020”. And in the security videos of the Embassy you can hear him shouting: “I AM AMERICAN” “I AM YANKEE.”