The vampires are resuscitated: Trump’s policy against Cuba

18 June 2017
Sent by Andrés Gómez

Havana.- Stupid was the speech given by President Trump in Miami on Friday, June 16, when he revealed his policy against the Cuban people. It was as stupid as his performance as president in the months that he has been in office; as stupid as the stupid leaders of the Cuban-American rightwing –many of them terrorists—who in a sad spectacle, like bloodthirsty vampires, surrounded the present tenant of the White House, as their new redeemer in the many times defeated aim to destroy Cuba’s independence and sovereignty through blood and famine.

The membership of the Antonio Maceo Brigade, the Alianza Martiana (as an individual organization), the José Martí Association, the Alliance of Cuban Workers, the Association of Christian Women in Defense of Family, the Bolivarian Circle of Miami, and the Circle of Intellectuals and Artists of Miami, all fused in the Alianza Martiana coalition, join with the rest of the Cuban people, and the rest of the patriotic Cuban emigration living in other states of the Union and in dozens of other countries around the world in rejecting and condemning this new U.S. aggression against the people of Cuba.

God only knows the reasons that motivated Mister Trump to make such a demented decision. Using a reasonable analysis, it makes it very difficult to understand it. It is alleged by some in the media that the decision is motivated by electoral considerations, to keep winning the backing of the Cuban community in Florida, mainly in Miami. That is a lie; it is a lie easily exposed by the facts. 50% of the Cuban vote in Florida was against the presidential candidacy of mister Trump.

There are still many people who believe that the Cuban vote in Florida is overwhelmingly in favor of any presidential candidate who supports the policy of war and Blockade against the Cuban people. Three presidential elections during the last eight years, show that is not the case. And as more time passes, and as more recently-arrived Cubans decide to become U.S. citizens and exercise their right to vote, there will be more support for candidates who propose an end to the Blockade and other U.S. policies that go against the well being of their loved ones in Cuba.

Since this is a Press Release and not an in-depth analysis of the situation, it’s enough to say at this point that the motives of Mister Trump for his policy against Cuba can be found in his political infantilism, and his growing desperation to maintain his sinking presidency afloat, by looking for delusional alliances, for example with Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American, a real fool and opportunist, who is a member of the increasingly important Senate Intelligence Committee.

Trump —as if dressed in the clothing and in the language of a decrepit counterrevolutionary crusade that has been defeated so many times by the Cuban people for the last six decades, in this newest scenario, surrounded by the bloodthirsty vampires of the Cuban American extreme right-wing leadership — mounted a what looked like a political burlesque show.

Unfortunately, because of the power that the United States exercises in the world, these new decisions will cost our people many more sacrifices in their continuing and unwavering struggle to build a socialist society that is ever more just and equitable.

For those of us Cubans and non-Cubans, who support and respect the Cuban people’s defense of their sovereignty, it remains our duty to continue the struggle against these outrages against the fundamental rights of Cubans to live and develop in peace.