Dr. Atilio A. Boron expresses solidarity with Venezuela

The struggle being waged in Venezuela today — and that will be expressed in the December 6 elections — is decisive not only for this South American country, but for all the emancipatory processes underway in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Bolivarian Revolution has resisted a tremendous destabilization campaign orchestrated by the government of the United States. For this objective the U.S. has designated millions of dollars of its federal budget in recent years, to generate all kinds of economic difficulties (for example, the planned shortages of prime necessities), to strengthen the opposition, to finance the media terror campaign​ and to promote international tours of their principal leaders to incite support for their perverse cause.

That is why what we are waging, in the homeland of Bolívar and of Chávez, is our “battle of Stalingrad.” If the oligarchic-imperialist reaction is successful in its efforts, all of Latin America will feel the heavy blows. Not only will the promising process of transformations initiated in the region at the beginning of the 21st century be stopped. Indeed, it will be a terrible lesson against the countries whose governments had the audacity to defy the empire.

Dr. Atilio A. Boron
​Investigador Superior del Conicet​
​Investigador del IEALC, Instituto de Estudios de América Latina y el Caribe
de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad de Buenos Aires
Director del PLED, Programa Latinoamericano de Educación a Distancia en Ciencias Sociales del Centro Cultural de la Cooperación “Floreal Gorini”