Venezuela to leave OAS

In a decisive move on Wednesday, Venezuela declared it is withdrawing from the Organization of American States. This will take place after a two-year process.

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U.S. Intervention in Venezuela and the role of the OAS

“Imperialism’s assault on the Bolivarian Revolution is multifaceted. Now calls for OAS intervention are being heard. it is our responsibility to defend the sovereignty and self-determination of Venezuela against imperialist intervention,” writes Alison Bodine from the Fire This Time Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

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Documentary of the Committee of Victims of Violent Protests (Guarimba)

Watch this short documentary about the violent protests of 2014, led by the right-wing after Venezuela’s municipal elections, which caused the deaths of 43 people and injured hundreds. These attacks, called “guarimbas”, tried to overthrow the democratically-elected government of President Nicólas Maduro. A guarimba consists of blocking public roads with barricades made of barbed wire, tires, mattresses, and hanging galvanized

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