Convocation of Tuitazo: “United for Peace: a call from the networks”

These are momentous and challenging times for Venezuela and all of Latin America. The U.S. government’s recent threats of intervention and coup, the ongoing economic war against the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela, make it more important than ever that the peoples of the world pronounce themselves and act in defense of Venezuela, and to say: “Latin America and the Caribbean are a Zone of Peace.”
The Venezuelan people together with President Nicolás Maduro and the Constituent Assembly and popular organizations, are daily mobilizing, organizing, resisting, defending their sovereignty and dignity, to meet the needs of the people and to advance in development.
The Cuban Movement for Peace and the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) and The Cuban Movement for Peace are calling on all defenders of peace to join in an international Twitter Storm — Tuitazo in spanish — to spread the word far and wide that Venezuela does not stand alone! Tomorrow, Thursday, March 15, starting 10:00 AM EDT, use the hashtags #TodosSomosVenezuela and #ALCZonaDePaz
AND: Follow @MovPaz_Cuba on Twitter and @MovPazCuba on Facebook, and @Siempreconcuba on both media for ICAP’s account, which will share details of a panel taking place March 15, at ICAP Headquarters, 10 AM-12 noon, EDT, related to this important  theme.
And don’t forget to become a Twitter follower of @CubaVenezCte, and FB for Cuba and Venezuela Solidarity Committee!
As Cuba’s President Raúl Castro stated in Caracas early March during the ALBA Summit (Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas):
The military threat, hostility and economic aggression of US imperialism against Venezuela; the neoliberal attack to reverse social conquests; the interference against the sovereignty of progressive governments, the attempts to dismantle progress in the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, destabilize the region and pose dangers to regional peace and security.”