March 25-26: National Conference for the Full Normalization of U.S.-Cuba Relations

Donald Trump has talked about “rolling back” some of the changes made in U.S.-Cuba relations in the past few years, but as of now all those changes remain in effect. To prevent any roll backs, or even better to continue on the path to full normalization – including an end to the blockade and an end to the occupation of Guantánamo – we need a strong people’s movement pushing for positive change.

To that end, a conference this weekend in New York City will bring together Cuban solidarity activists from across North America to plot the way forward. The conference features
a Friday evening reception at the Cuban Mission to the United Nations, a plenary, panel discussion, and a series of workshops on Saturday, and a final plenary session on Sunday.

The conference will be accompanied by a public rally Saturday night (see flyer below), featuring exciting speakers including:

* Sandra Ramírez Rodríguez, the North America Director for ICAP
* Andrés Gómez, coordinator of the Antonio Maceo Brigade
* Rafael Cancel Miranda, legendary Puerto Rican Independence fighter
* Aislinn Pulley, a leading activist in Chicago Black Lives Matter

Full details can be found at the conference website.

We hope as many activists as possible will be able to make it to the conference this weekend, and continue to work for the end to the blockade, an end to the occupation of Guantánamo, and in all other ways a full normalization of relations.